Doggie Playgroups

All About My Dog offers classes designed to teach you about canine language and appropriate play so that you can see what is okay and what’s not – and how to fix it! Socialization is one of the most important things you can do for your dog so that he can learn his doggie manners and make friends with other dogs of all shapes and sizes.

Get Ready For Doggie Playgroups!

The entrance is through the side door by the red, white and blue fire hydrant. Please use our dog-friendly potty area only.

  • Keep your dog leashed and close by your side – don’t approach other dogs
  • Bring a hungry dog because we’ll be using treats in class
  • Bring healthy, soft treats (we have a great selection in our shop!)
  • Bring a 6’ leash (no retractable leashes)
  • Wear comfy clothes and athletic shoes – no high heels or boots, please!

  • Required: Provide up-to-date medical records, including a negative fecal report stating “no parasites seen,” prior to your first class. (There are no refunds or make-ups for classes forfeited due to missing fecal records.) See our medical guidelines for more info.

Doggie Playgroups

We separate these classes into the following categories:

  • Puppies under 6 months
  • Dogs over 6 months & under 25 lbs.
  • Dogs over 6 months & over 25 lbs.
  • All ages!

Our playgroups are as educational as they are fun – for your dog AND for you! This class involves hands-on guidance with a behavioral expert, so while your pup learns important social skills (like how to greet new friends and play appropriately), you’ll be learning how to read canine body language and how to communicate with your dog in a way that he can easily understand. We’ll teach you how to tell when something is okay, when it’s not, and how to fix it!

Socialization is extremely important for your dog. “Socializing” means taking the opportunity to give your pup exposure to different types of dogs, different personalities of dogs, and also lots of different kinds of people so that they grow up to be an experienced, confident and calm dog who can get along with anyone. Socialization is especially critical during the first year of life, though if your dog is older, never fear: these classes are designed to teach any dog of any age how to be a good team player!

NOTE: Playgroups are for current AAMD students and alumni who have taken Puppy 1-3, Good Dog 101-103, College Prep, or Masters classes.

No matter what, we guarantee that you’ll go home with a happily pooped pooch!

Note: This class is great on its own or as a complement to our regular training classes. Students are welcome to take this class as many times as they like: we will always be filtering in new dogs and adding new toys and tiny training challenges so you that both of you can always keep improving your skills and have a lot of fun!


1 playgroup: $28

  • Playgroups are 50 minutes and meet only once.
  • Sorry, no make-ups available.


  • For current AAMD students and alumni, or by invitation only. (You must have taken either Puppy 1-3, Good Dog 101-103, College Prep, or Masters classes.)
  • Non-students may be eligible after taking a free Class Placement Evaluation.
  • No aggressive dogs allowed. If you have an aggressive dog please look at our behavior classes for fearful, reactive and aggressive dogs.
  • Up-to-date medical records, including a negative fecal report stating “no parasites seen,” must be on file at AAMD prior to your first visit. (There are no refunds or make-ups for classes forfeited due to missing fecal records.) See our medical guidelines for more info.

  • Read our short Get Ready For Doggie Playgroups guide.